Chronically Ill Folks Need A Break

At Least I'm Writing

The hardest part of having a chronic illness is not the pain, it’s not the fatigue or the worry, or the medical bills or the medication – it’s the smiling and pretending to be fine.

The hardest part of depression is not the dark thoughts, the isolation or the continuing sense of impending doom – it’s also the smiling and pretending to be fine.

Sometimes I want to be depressed. Yes I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s because being depressed is a lot less effort than being happy. I understand it’s usually the other way around for most people, but I gather that I am not most people. And sometimes I want to stay in my pajamas and shuffle around and eat ice cream for breakfast and smoke rollies (even though I don’t smoke anymore) and drink copious amounts of tea instead of eating because it’s easier. I also really like laying on…

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