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Supporting suicidal loved ones

The Invisible F

Something troubles me.

I keep hearing of people who commit suicide but their loved ones don’t know why.

Everyone conveys condolences. It must be hard on the family they say, yes. How will they carry on, pick up the pieces?

I empathise.

But no one is sure why? Why not?

Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? At risk of sounding pig headed I’ll pick the latter.

My own experience and knowledge has shown me that many people facing depression will open up to others who genuinely show an interest in their suffering. All you have to do is ask and listen.

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He is…..I wish

Good reminder.

The Depressed Moose

He is a great guy

He is always there to listen to me

He is always available when I have a problem

He is special

He is funny

He is kind hearted, warm and sincere

He is a good friend

He is helpful, considerate and offers advice


and as the curtain closes and the funeral service comes to an end…..


I wish I had done more for him

I wish I had reached out to him

I wish I could have been there for him when he needed me

I wish I hadn’t ignored him

I wish I had spoken to him more often

I wish I hadn’t dismissed him as “needy” 

I wish I had listened to him

I wish I made time to see him

I wish he was still here


Don’t be that person who only realises when it’s too late!

no one in…

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