Singing In the Rain


I saw my psychiatrist on Friday. A doc I like and appreciate and can tell that he cares. (Most important factor to me)
We talked again about me feeling depressed, lost, sad, anxious. He went through a list of meds with at least 30 names on it, and I’ve been on almost all of them. This is a regular appointment for me, discussing any options, usually no new ones,  for helping the depression and anxiety I struggle with.
But this appointment was different.
He mentioned a newer drug that’s come out and asked if I’d been on it. Amazingly enough, I’ve never been on it. Now I am trying this new med, started on Saturday, and I feel a bit of hope.
Maybe it won’t help at all, but wouldn’t it be great if it DID help? Even to still struggle with depression, but with breaks from the stranglehold it…

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