Sara Smile

I am thinking about gratitude tonight.

I am grateful for Biscuit needing to go outside.  I am grateful for the stillness outside.  The beautiful covering of snow everywhere.

I am grateful that Hall and Oates exist.  I am grateful for the way their music grabs me.  I am grateful for the spirit that comes over me when I find myself dancing throughout the apartment while listening to Sara Smile.  I am grateful that spirit grabs me and gets me out of the heightened pain I’ve been in lately.

I am grateful for getting out today and playing Bingo, which I always enjoy.

I’m grateful for the warm, fuzzy, cuckoo love Biscuit and CoCo show me daily.

I am grateful for the clarity to see that I DO have much to be grateful for.  A roof over my head.  Heat.  Food.  A good bed.  An electric blanket.  (BestThingEver!)  Grateful for my internet access.

And I am grateful that I am not lost in depression and sadness in this moment.  There is sadness in my heart.  Unresolved issues.  Fears.  Vulnerability.  But in THIS moment, I can feel those things without having them slam me down like a huge ocean wave.

I wonder where I got my “funk” from.  My dancing self.  My need to snap my fingers, close my eyes, wiggle my body to the beat of what moves me.  As I get to know my biological Mom better, I believe I may get that from her.  And that, the discovering, is a beautiful thing.

I give thanks to the support I have in my life.  I give thanks for AlAnon where I learned there is no problem too great to be lessened and that I don’t have to do this on my own.  I am grateful I can hear and listen to music.  That I can snap my fingers and bounce my feet around.  (for a SHORT amount of time!)  I am grateful for this borrowed laptop I am typing on.  I am grateful my experiences can help others.

I am grateful for Hope.  And grateful for YouTube!


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