Can I tell you what amazing thing I realized this weekend?

I realized I no longer view the world/god/spirit as something out to get me.  In the past, I would spend most my time believing that the pain  in my life was “being done” to me.  And I would see examples of horrible tragedies and think the same sort of thoughts, the world/god/spirit is just mean, with a capital M. Yesterday I was talking with a friend and realized I don’t think that anymore.  I don’t live in a constant state of being the victim, constantly wondering and feeling why life was “out to get me,” (and others.)  I don’t live in that place anymore and I realized this while watching an episode of Louie.  Part 2 of the duckling episode.  Inspiration and realizations can come in the strangest packages.

Now, I am SO GRATEFUL that I can see the world, its ebbs and flows, and I can appreciate it. I realize (most of the time) that there ISN’T some entity out to get me, that this is just life and there is great beauty in it when I can accept that  I see great pain and great joy side by side, and realize it is Life.  Nothing more, nothing less.  This is Life.  And Life is beautiful.




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