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A beautiful writing on Fibromyalgia in the early and late hours of the day.



I lie here in the semi-darkness; the room is lit with a weird half glow from the gibbous moon somewhere outside. The darkness is translucent and diaphanous about me, tinged with heady blues and soft blacks and the minute, luminous influence of starlight.

I am alive, vibrant, and humming despite my inevitable fatigue. My body yawns and curls in on itself; my spirit swings wildly in the breeze of my thoughts and flutters on the edge of an abyss. It reaches out with impossible hands to gather the moonlight to myself, to pluck the stars from the sky one by one and place them on my tongue to feel them melt into inexplicable froth and disappear.

The ever present question looms large in the darkness of my supposed rest: what is wrong? Another disease stricken off the list, and I suppose I ought to be grateful for each horrible fate…

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Being empathetic


The Invisible F

“Empathy is a choice and it is a vulnerable choice because in order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling” – Dr Brené Brown, Professor in social work at the University of Houston

From those perfectly spoken words of Professor Brown, we know it’s not easy choosing to be empathetic. But if you mean to support someone you care about or love, it is the way to go, rather than being sympathetic.

I’ve been meaning to share this amazing video from the RSA where Professor Brown explains the difference between sympathy and empathy.

Those of us with going through a hard time, be it with a circumstance, chronic illnesses, especially the misunderstood like fibromyalgia, or mental illness like depression and anxiety will especially be able to relate.

I’ve had all kinds of folk try to silver line my pain…

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