Being empathetic


The Invisible F

“Empathy is a choice and it is a vulnerable choice because in order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling” – Dr Brené Brown, Professor in social work at the University of Houston

From those perfectly spoken words of Professor Brown, we know it’s not easy choosing to be empathetic. But if you mean to support someone you care about or love, it is the way to go, rather than being sympathetic.

I’ve been meaning to share this amazing video from the RSA where Professor Brown explains the difference between sympathy and empathy.

Those of us with going through a hard time, be it with a circumstance, chronic illnesses, especially the misunderstood like fibromyalgia, or mental illness like depression and anxiety will especially be able to relate.

I’ve had all kinds of folk try to silver line my pain…

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