I hate the commercial for Lyrica

totally into your ideas for the commercial!


I have ALWAYS hated the Lyrica commerical. To me, it looked like the woman talking about her “widespread pain” just needed a shoulder massage and a pill and VOILA! She was well again and able to take part in her lifestyle unhindered. I took Lyrica for years. It’s an expensive drug that not all insurances will cover. When my husband changed jobs (and I could no longer work), his new benefits refused to cover my Lyrica. I was looking at paying over $200 a month for it, and there was no way we could afford it. I participated in a program that provided it to me free for a year but after that, I made the decision to stop taking it altogether. I have managed better than I thought I would, and I don’t miss the 40+ lbs I was packing (when they say weight gain is a side…

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