Pain, pain, pain

One of the frustrating things about Fibromyalgia is feeling kind of ok, doing a few things, and hours later being struck with terrible pain. For me today “doing a few things” consisted of putting lights around a window, helping push plastic stakes into the ground, and walking about half a block. An hour or two after the last of these activities and OWIE! I have my feet in epsom salts, a hot pack on my shoulders, and a glass of water by my side. Every part of me is hurting, throbbing, shooting, aching.  So you might have seen me out today and told me I was looking pretty good and I was, AT THAT MOMENT.  If I could eraae the activities today to get rid of this pain, I would. There is a horrible, hard to describe feeling that comes from being in so much ongoing pain. You wish for any kind of break in the pain to gather yourself, to take a breath, to focus on getting stronger. But it comes and comes and comes. It has no regard for your soul, your need to rest, to enjoy physical things in life.  Some of us get breaks while we sleep, some while we are holding our child, some while watching a movie or playing a game. But the breaks are too short and the pain too common. 
Be kind to someone with chronic pain today. Help give them a break from the pain.


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