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I have a love for cheesy 80’s action flicks, the macho soundtrack – which is no longer macho – the blatant gun porn, the lack of respect for human life and the brutality.
The thing is these films are not only inherently flawed but they stick to a certain amount of clichés that weren’t really discarded until the late 1990’s. Even today as you pass the DVD shelf in a supermarket you see some terrible excuse for a film, possibly starring some nondescript WWE wrestler trying to make it like ‘The Rock’. These so called action films harp back to the wonderful 80’s but can’t quite connect on the level that their predecessors did. Usually they are badly written and poorly acted, they rarely have any room for tongue and cheek, which these films need heap loads of.

These clichés need to be called out, for the sake of current…

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Burk Krohe

Obviously, I like to write. It’s what I do for my day job and what I do in my free time (you know that because you’re on my site). It isn’t always easy, though. There are certain things all writers face at one point or another, so, my fellow scribes, I’ve distilled all your frustrations and neurosis into a handy five-point list.

5. Getting started 

Much like going to the gym, your first obstacle is actually getting started. There are several things that stand in the way of getting started but, in my experience, there are two things that really keep me from working: distractions and lack of ideas.

Unfortunately, nowadays, everyone writes on laptops…which also have access to the Internet–probably the greatest distraction in human history. It’s easier than you think to waste half an hour  watching music videos from the ’90s when you intended to get something done. But it’s…

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