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Rebreaking My Blog Cherry


My first blog writing in years.  I’ve kept a blog before, enjoyed it, and some other folks also enjoyed it.  I’d like to get back in the routine of committing words to “paper,” to telling my stories, sharing my ideas, thoughts, hopes, jokes, pratfalls.

I hope to be like the man above as days go on and I continue getting older.  I wish to retain my faith in Love, in being loved for exactly who I am, without having to hide.  I want to live more and more with no regrets.  I’ve learned what a waste it is regretting things, yet I still go down that path too easily.  I want to share myself and my love, pride, joy, presence with the world, whatever parts of it will be interested;  to continue to challenge people’s assumptions, ideas, and prejudices.

I often want to be more than I am, feel I should be doing more, achieving more, trying more, creating more, etc etc etc…  When am I focused on me, right NOW, and being happy, satisfied, proud of the being I am?  Not often enough.  How can we be any good for the world, for other people, for ourselves without realizing the beauty of ourselves?  Without truly believing in that beauty of myself, I continue to carry defenses, excuses, explanations.  Without our appreciating ourselves and one another, we can slip easily into judgments of others, staying in our ‘comfort zone,’ not seeing and being involved with all that beats its’ pulse throughout life.

Appreciative of the air available to breathe, the water I can drink for free, the housing that shelters me, the food which sustains me, the animals that keep my belief in ultimate goodness going.